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Yogini Taveras

Amanda Taveras Yoga Teacher

About Yogini Taveras

My name is Amanda Taveras, and I started my company Yogini Taveras LLC in 2014. Myself along with my team of amazing teachers lead weekly yoga classes for different residential apartments, corporations, and hotels in Minneapolis, Detroit and now Miami. If you are looking for a convenient yoga session that comes to you, you have clicked on the right page!  


The joys of balance and movement have been a big part of my entire life. I was fortunate enough to attend my first vinyasa yoga class in college, and after leaving class with a sense of bliss and peace, I knew I needed to learn more about this ancient practice. I delved deeper while studying with a Shaman in the Amazon jungle who taught me the importance of meditation and finding stillness in daily life. In 2013 I completed a 230 hour Yoga Study/Teacher Training Certification from the Yoga Center of Minneapolis, and began teaching in several luxury apartments in downtown Minneapolis. In 2016 I began leading my YogaSol international retreats, and also started teaching SUP Yoga. In 2018 I completed a 500 hour training with the Awakening Yoga Academy, and expanded my business to the Detroit area. In December 2020 I relocated to Miami FL and I'm excited to expand my business further in this beautiful area. I will be teaching at Oleta River State Park starting in June. See below on where and how to practice with me! I enjoy intelligent sequencing for the body and creative transitions. I specialize in vigorous and fluid vinyasa flows, actively working with the body to find more overall connection. 


The goal of Yogini Taveras LLC is to help people connect with their body, breath, and mind through meditation, pranayama, and asanas.  I understand how difficult it is to find time out of our busy every day lives for yoga, so I created a business to bring yoga to you and make your yoga practice as easy as possible! 

Virtual Yoga Class
Every Saturday 11AM Eastern

I email out the virtual yoga class zoom link and passcode every Thursday for Saturdays class, if you would like to be added to the mailing list, fill out the Get In Touch Box below! For the Saturday class, you can have your camera on or off, and I am happy to stay after class to explain any of the class that you didn't understand or found difficult. In my virtual class we have a philosophical or historical yoga teaching and then a physical focus for the flow part of class. I hope to see you there!

Yoga Classes Oleta River State Park

I'm very excited to have my first class at Oleta River State Park in North Miami Beach on June 6th, 2021! I will be collaborating to raise funds for the Friends of Oleta  yoga flow welcoming cyclists, runners and nature enthusiasts!

$10 donations appreciated and encouraged 

Enjoy a complimentary entrance into the park, free Starbucks coffee and a bike ride, hike, stroll or swim in nature after class!

When: Sunday, June 6th at 8:30 AM

Where: Sea Grape Pavilion at Oleta River State Park

SUP Yoga Classes

Want to take your land practice of yoga to the water? It is a wonderful way to connect with nature, practicing on some of the most beautiful waters in the world!  SUP yoga has benefits that just about everyone can enjoy, and with just a few tips you will adjust to a floating Downward Dog in no time! I am currently only offering SUP Yoga Classes in the Miami area.

Bringing Yoga to You

Yogini Taveras conducts personalized yoga classes. No need to worry about traffic or parking, I bring yoga to you, wherever it is convenient!  If you are looking to book a private or small group session, please contact me. If you are visiting Minneapolis, Detroit or Miami for work I would be happy to coordinate a class for you. I also conduct lunch sessions for yoga and barre fitness. Yogini Taveras is perfect for hosting fitness parties or get togethers as well! Your yoga class will be customized in all aspects to meet your specific needs and requests.

Virtual Yoga

Every Saturday 11am Eastern / 10am Central

Open Group Sessions

Weekly schedule

4Marq Apartments

Saturday 10:00-11:00Am

Tuesday 6:00-7:00 PM

Private Session


a one-on-one or
small group class




YogaSol Retreats
Tulum, Mexico

YogaSol Retreats

Samana, Dominican Republic

YogaSol Retreats

Nosara, Costa Rica

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